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We are Repharm Health Group

We believe in the notion that accessible healthcare means healthier society and happier people.


How we make our region a healthier place

We look for, invest in and develop companies, researches and professionals that make every healthcare service accessible to every person in the region.

  • Drug accessibility

    Drug accessibility

  • Trained professionals

    Trained professionals

  • Proven medicine

    Proven medicine

  • Drug database

    Drug database

  • Modern laboratories

    Modern laboratories

  • Beneficial prices

    Beneficial prices

  • Technical innovations

    Technical innovations

  • Modern logistics

    Modern logistics

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Accelerating healthcare of tomorrow

Repharm Investments is built to empower and support the innovators of medicine and healthcare.

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Our commitment

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Caring about the modern workplace

"Let's be careful and think about health first, because it is the most precious thing we have!"

"Competent professionals, a well-known and loved brand, the ability to cooperate, high service culture – these are our prerequisites to be in a leadership position in the industry."