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“Recipe Plus” has delivered the first amount of vaccines to all planned destinations

Driving more than 800 kilometres in total, the first vaccines were transferred from the State Blood Donor Centre to all 10 planned destinations in Latvia.


Driving more than 800 kilometres in total, the first vaccines were transferred from the State Blood Donor Centre to all 10 planned destinations in Latvia. Today, in accordance with the planned transfer procedure, the logistics staff of the pharmaceutical wholesaler “Recipe Plus” delivered the vaccines to nine destinations, the vaccines were delivered to the Riga East Clinical University Hospital already on 26 December.

Already after 4:00 this morning, the first cars of the pharmaceutical wholesaler “Recipe Plus” left for further destinations with vaccines against Covid-19, developed by the pharmaceutical companies “Pfizer” and “BioNTech”, as well as with the materials aiding vaccination (syringes and disinfectant solution), to deliver vaccines to Liepāja, Ziemeļkurzeme, Jēkabpils, Rēzekne, Daugavpils, Vidzeme regional hospitals and to the Jelgava City Hospital. Today’s nearest routes – Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital, Children’s Clinical University Hospital. The delivery of vaccines has been carried out as planned, and the wholesaler’s employees are preparing for the next stage of vaccine delivery.

Dins Šmits, Member of the Board of the “Repharm” group of health companies: “These 800 kilometres are just the beginning of the road. Today we realized that we have prepared for this journey and, if needed, to deal with the health crisis, we will be able to cover such a distance through Latvia with vaccines that could surround the world. We made sure in practice that our long-standing logistics experience, appropriate equipment and staff can be mobilized to honourably do this important work. We expect that these are just the first steps, there will be various challenges and more energy and resources will be needed. We started with a good conviction that with each kilometre we help someone to avoid a serious illness and the we can help Latvia approach the possibility of returning to a normal rhythm of life.”

During the transportation, an operating protocol is strictly followed, timing and strictly observing the time allotted for assembly and reloading. When preparing the vaccines for a particular vaccination room, this should be done within 3 minutes – the maximum time the vaccine can be outside the refrigerator. “Recipe Plus” will deliver this vaccine to the vaccination rooms of ten Latvian hospitals, where it can be stored at +2 to +8 degrees for up to five days, counting from the moment the vaccine is removed from the freezer. The distribution of vaccines between Latvian medical institutions takes place in close co-operation between the state institutions involved. The transportation of vaccines as a result of the tender has been entrusted to the pharmaceutical wholesaler “Recipe Plus”.

“Recipe Plus” ensures a continuous supply of medicines and other pharmacy products to Latvian medical institutions and residents. “Recipe Plus” stocks more than 12,000 units of pharmacy products, and wholesalers carry out up to 3,000 deliveries daily.

Further information:Līga Ribkinska, JSC “Repharm” Director of Communications.

Phone: +371 22302996, liga.ribkinska@repharm.lv

JSC “Recipe Plus” is one of the leading companies in the group of healthcare companies “Repharm”, within which JSC “Sentor Farm Pharmacies” works with the brand “Mēness aptieka”, the outpatient healthcare company JSC “Health Centre Association”, LLC “Central Laboratory”, as well as “Riga Pharmaceutical Factory”, etc.