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Repharm businesses recognised with a national honour for CEO Stella Lapiņa


Stella Lapiņa, Board Chair of Repharm’s subsidiaries – clinics of Veselības centru apvienība and labs of Centrālā laboratorija– has been awarded the Republic of Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers’ Award for her contribution to the development of the healthcare sector, which is testimony to outstanding performance during the pandemic in providing solutions to the national health crisis and ensuring accessibility to medical services.

Stella Lapiņa, Board Chair of Veselības centru apvienība and Centrālā laboratorija, “Our professional teams are key for everything that we have been able to achieve during this challenging period. Thanks to each one of our employees, we have been able to contribute greatly to tackle the crisis, despite our relatively small size. The reality of the situation, which the Covid-19 pandemic has placed the development of our companies and the whole healthcare sector in, is unheard of. As a comparatively small business in a national context, we are proud that one in four vaccine doses and over 35% of Covid-19 tests conducted daily are administered by our employees. I accept this honour with enormous gratitude and pride, because it is recognition of my people who continue to work tirelessly in the conditions of the crisis. Although this is a difficult period for us, it is also an important and valuable lesson, providing us with knowledge which we will use in our further development in Latvia and as we expand across the Baltic Sea region.”

The Cabinet of Ministers’ Award is the Latvian Government’s highest honour – and the next highest nationally after the Order of the Three Stars.

In September this year Repharm started work on a new strategy “Fit for 2025”, in order to expand its presence in the region, scale its operations across the Baltic Sea region, and pass these new competitive advantages onto its customers. The strategy is to cover a five year period and its task is to consolidate Repharm’s foothold beyond Latvia’s borders, achieve transformation, and secure new investments and capital.

The company is currently present in pharmaceutical product, medical, health and veterinary goods’ wholesaling and retailing, as well as pre-wholesale processing and supplying of medicines and medical products to other wholesalers, provision of government-funded medical services to the public, as well as provision of paid services, including dental and rehabilitation services. The holding group’s core operations also include provision of laboratory services to both the public and business customers, in addition to which the holding company also provides marketing and information technology services to its business customers.

The group of companies is comprised of AS Repharm and its subsidiary companies AS Recipe plus, AS Sentor farm aptiekas, AS Rīgas farmaceitiskā fabrika, AS Veselības centru apvienība, SIA Centrālā laboratorija, UAB RP Pharma in Lithuania, AS Aprūpes birojs and others, including subsidiary enterprises of the aforementioned businesses.

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