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Taking care of a safer everyday life, “Mēness aptieka” starts the campaign “Protect yourself, protect others!”

Encouraging the residents to use all available opportunities for a safe daily life and protecting health, on 1 December “Mēness aptieka” begins the care campaign “Protect yourself, protect others!”.


Encouraging the residents to use all available opportunities for a safe daily life and protecting health, on 1 December “Mēness aptieka” begins the care campaign “Protect yourself, protect others!”. The pharmacists of “Mēness aptieka” have put together a package of pharmacy products useful for health, which can be purchased as a gift for relatives during the pre-Christmas period. In addition, an easy-to-use hand cleaning gel with antibacterial effect will be added to every major purchase at “Mēness aptieka” in December.

Evita Jurjāne-Nelsone, Head of Retail Business at “Mēness aptieka”: “When choosing goods important for everyday safety as a gift set, pharmacists have given it a topical name “Protect yourself, protect others!” emphasizing their care and competence in health information. When talking about the contents of the kit, we simultaneously have a specific goal – to remind everyone about the essential components for safety and health. We hope that the offer will be truly useful for our customers.”

The use of face masks, regular hand washing and disinfection has become a routine in our daily lives. If everything necessary for safe action is easily and conveniently available, it requires less daily effort and anxiety, and we all have more confidence that together we can comply with the important rules. “Mēness aptieka” pharmacies have taken comprehensive measures for the safety of our customers and employees. Pharmacists work behind a safe protective divider every day, hand disinfectants are available for use in the pharmacy, work surfaces are regularly disinfected, pharmacies are subject to enhanced ventilation, and sections for safe distance between visitors are marked on the floor of trade premises. “Mēness aptieka” invites you to use contactless payment as much as possible, to avoid staying in the self-service section of pharmacies for longer than needed, to not touch the products with your hands unnecessarily.

Everyone has an essential need – to strengthen health. The pharmacists of “Mēness aptieka” all over Latvia are ready to help with advice, providing thousands of consultations to their visitors every day, both in person and online. One of the tips – to take care of your immunity: to be in the fresh air, to exercise a lot according to age, to eat nutritious foods and, if necessary, to take appropriate medications, as well as food supplements, to support health.

Pharmacists have prepared special gift sets “Protect yourself! Protect others!” with six pharmacy products that are most useful during this time – a hand cleansing gel with essential oils produced by the Riga Pharmaceutical Factory, wet antibacterial wipes, a set of safe face masks, vitamins and mineral preparations important for immunity, as well as a cream for skin care for the hands.

“Mēness aptieka”, taking care of its customers and their relatives, invites them to buy and use the set for Christmas or holiday gifts.

In order to remind and strengthen the habits of our customers to wash and clean their hands sufficiently often, in December, every purchase over 15 euros will be accompanied by gift of 50 ml hand cleaning gel with antibacterial effect, which contains 70% ethanol.


  1. Immunity matters!

Vitamin C is one of the most popular vitamins, especially during the winter season. It improves the body’s resistance to infectious diseases and viruses, acts as an antioxidant both when used as a mono vitamin and in combination with other antioxidants (selenium, zinc and vitamin E), improves vascular flexibility, strengthens blood vessel walls, helps the body in situations of increased stress, participates in collagen in the process of synthesis, which is known to ensure skin health, stronger connective tissues, joints, reduces allergic reactions, helps the body to absorb iron ions. Exactly proper use of this vitamin will help reduce the chance of side effects. These vitamins are absorbed by the body as much as it needs, and the rest is excreted in the urine. As these vitamins do not accumulate in the body, it is recommended to use them as food supplements every day. Vitamin C and zinc promote the normal functioning of the immune system and are important for the protection of cells against oxidative stress (stress-induced cell dysfunction), have antiviral and antimicrobial effects, as well as stimulate immunity and cognitive abilities (thinking, memory). Zinc helps skin health, normal carbohydrate metabolism, bone health, vision, as well as hair and nail health, it is a powerful antioxidant, stabilizes hormonal balance, as well as helps regulate the body’s enzyme system.

  • Constant disinfection of hands!

Frequent and thorough treatment of the skin with water, soap and disinfectants, together with dirt, deprives the skin of its natural protective layer. Although dry hand skin does not in itself pose a major health risk, it is worth taking care of the skin barrier, as cracked hand skin is actually covered with small micro cracks that can be a gateway to various types of infections. Therefore, it is important to treat the skin urgently – immediately after washing – with a cosmetic product that will not allow water to evaporate. Often, thinking that the skin is dry, it seems to need nourishment, but it needs hydration much more. Creams tend to be thick and usually take longer to absorb into the skin. However, the formed protective layer on the skin will be more durable. The cream is massaged into the skin with light movements (without rubbing or stretching!), making sure that it has also reached the surfaces of the palms of the hands between the fingers and the cuticles. If the skin simply “eats” the cream and you feel that it is not moisturized enough, apply a second coat – such a repeated procedure has a really good effect. This is especially desirable before bedtime.

  • Let’s use masks correctly!

A very important step in wearing a mask is its removal and disposal. A very important step in wearing a mask is its removal and disposal. When removing it, we do not touch the face and the mask itself, and after removing the mask we immediately place it in a closed container. If the mask is reusable, do not store it with the rest of the laundry until washing. Immediately after removing the mask, wash your hands thoroughly again.

The WHO recommends washing your hands thoroughly before applying the mask – exactly as we have been taught – for 20 seconds with soap, or if this is not possible, treating them with an appropriate disinfectant. Put on the mask carefully and neatly – cover your mouth and nose and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask. Remember that it will not be possible to adjust it later – do not touch the mask, do not touch the face, but if for some reason you must do it, before that repeat the same procedure – wash or disinfect your hands thoroughly and do the same after adjusting it. Replace the mask with a new one as soon as it is moist, and do not reuse disposable masks. What to do to remove the mask? This should be done from the back (do not touch the front of the mask) and dispose of it immediately in a closed container. Of course – the use of masks does not eliminate the need for social distancing!

“Mēness aptieka” invites you to be careful and responsible for your and your fellow people’s health:

  • To correctly use and wear masks,
  • To regularly wash or disinfect hands,
  • To avoid crowding and everywhere where it is possible keep a 2-metre distance,
  • To spend much time in the fresh air and be physically active,
  • To use reliable information sources for information about the spread of the disease and the action to take.

“Mēness aptieka” is the most loved and responsible brand in the pharmaceutical industry in Latvia. For the second year in a row, “Mēness aptieka” has won the first place in the pharmaceutical industry in a population survey which uses special internationally recognized methodology. Particular emphasis should be put on “Mēness aptieka’s” position in the field of social responsibility (HUMAN), in which “Mēness aptieka”, ranking 1st in the pharmaceutical industry, ranks 25th in the overall TOP of the most loved brands.

More information – Līga Ribkinska, phone: +371 22302996, liga.ribkinska@repharm.lv