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Developing for a healthier tomorrow


100 mil. €

Two areas of investment

Over the past 5 years a total of € 100 millon have been invested in service and equipment development, business growth and public responsibility initiatives.

Repharm targets its business investments in innivoation, digitalisation of services and growth in Nordic region healthcare. 

Public responsibility

Repharm’s aim is long-term committment, be it healthcare or public corporate responisbility initiatives. Long term partnerships mirror our effort to foster a healthy Latvia.

8 mil. €

Support for Latvian Paralympic Committee

Support for Latvian Paralympic Committee: Repharm is a long-standing supporter of the Latvian Paralympic Committee. Repharm pharmacy brand “Mēness Aptieka” is the general sponsor of Paralympic Committee, providing invaluable support to Latvian paralympic athletes in their successful athletic quests around the globe.


Vast amount of supported projects

Vast amount of supported projects: Additional corporate support is being awarded annually, reaching 3123 to date, Hospiss project “Galds savējiem” and the annual Riga Stradins University Science Conference being a few among them.

Business development

Repharm believes in planned, long-term and sustainable business investments that support effective R&D programs, development of complex health system solutions and contribution to a more healthy and sustainable Latvia, and beyond. 


Innovation and digitalisation

Among recent investments are prominent projects of digitalisation – the Digital Clinic, distance health and medical consultancy. Product investments include the introduction of anti-gene fast Covid-19 testing.


Business growth

Recent business growth initiative encompases incorporation of 10 healthcare businesses in the group with annual turnover of over 45 mil. €, servicing over 200 000 patients annually.